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(This is the SAME novel that is in the Cowboy Justice 12-pack. So if you purchased that collection, there is no need to get this one as well unless you just want it and the cover for your collection.)
Texas Lonestar (Texas Heroes)

Dallas McClain is a Texas Ranger, a loner who lives for his work because he knows no woman will ever forgive his past…until he meets Lennon. Lennon is under attack. Shots have been fired through her windows, animals have been poached off her land and someone is rustling her cattle. If she doesn’t get help, Lennon will lose everything, including her life. 
In the heat of the battle, Lennon teaches Dallas the healing power of love. She has the unique talent of convincing those who need her that she needs them even more. At first, Dallas doesn’t comprehend how truly beautiful Lennon is until he sees her rising from the waters of a hot spring like Venus from the waves – and then he is lost. The chemistry between them is combustible. Wild and hot. Together they fight to save one another, her from harm and him from his past. Sometimes love is within our grasp…if we’re brave enough to grab it with both hands. 

**Content Warning: Contains adult language and situations. Intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**