Texas Holdem: Hell Yeah!
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Tebow foreman, Lance Rogers, has stood by the McCoy family through thick and thin. Always a rock for his sister, Skye Blue, he has put everyone else’s needs ahead of his own.
But a man does have needs.
There are two things Lance wants more than anything:
to reclaim his stolen legacy, the Shenandoah Ranch
and Tricia Yeager, the most beautiful woman in Kerr County.
The ethereal blonde has kept Lance on a slow-burn for over a year and the day Tricia gives him the green light, he can’t wait to get her into his bed.
From the first moment she laid eyes on the handsome cowboy, there has been no other man in her dreams. Tricia is tired of postponing her future, she’s head over heels for Lance. Everything seems perfect, until the secrets they’ve been hiding come to light. By the time all the cards are laid on the table, only Love will hold the winning hand.